RAYS Smart Coaster®

$39.87 $69.99

 Don't Let Your Coffee Get Cold And Ruin Your Day!

Ever been in this situation where you got distracted and your coffee/tea turned cold? We've been through that too... It's literally undrinkable at this point! 

Now you can leave your coffee/tea alone and focus on what really matters! RAYS Smart Coaster® will keep your beverages piping hot, at the temperature you like for hours and hours!

 A Toasty Mug Of Coffee - That Lasts For Hours

RAYS Smart Coaster® warms your cup to the specific temperature you want. 
Adjustable temperature, according to your personal preference: 131°F (55°C), 149°F (65°C), 167°F (75°C).

Scared Of Spills? Don't Be!

RAYS Smart Coaster® adopts sealed-insulation technology, so you never have to worry if you accidentally spill your drink on it. 

No More Lukewarm Coffee or Tea!

Whether you’re at home or at the office, distractions can take you away from that lovely hot coffee or tea for a few minutes or hours. When you return, your coffee is cold and undrinkable. That’s where RAYS Smart Coaster® comes in.

Suitable For All Types Of Cups, Mugs, Baby Bottles, etc.


• Product weight: 280gr/9.87oz

• Cable length: 1.6m/5.25ft

• Heating pad size: 124x124x26mm

• Smooth touchscreen controls

• Sealed-insulation technology

• Universal power plug adaptor included

• Adjustable temperature: 131°F (55°C), 149°F (65°C), 167°F (75°C)

• Sleep mode: automatically turn off after 8 hours of continuous use giving you peace of mind.

30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

RAYS Smart Coaster® is under a 30 days moneyback guarantee. If for whatever reason you don't enjoy the product, write to us at support@gazerays.com and you can send the item back and get your refund.