PUMP™ Pet Grooming Brush

$28.97 $49.97
  • Massages and grooms your pet's coat without the mess

  • Quick-release button to remove your pet's fur in a second

  • Ideal for pets with soft, thick, curly coats (Yes, even for dogs!)

  • Keeps their coat healthy and shiny

Make Grooming Enjoyable & Addictive For Both You & Your Pet!

 PUMP™ Pet Grooming Brush is the ultimate tool to maintain your dog’s perfect coat. 

This brush is the only grooming brush that gets deep into your pet's coat to remove loose hair, dirt, and tangles, leaving your pet with a beautiful finish.

Cleans Your Pet In A SNAP!

Our pet grooming brush gets rid of loose and stubborn pet hair and undercoat and keeps them out of your carpet. Just a hit of the button retracts the bristles back into the brush, which allows you to clean up pet fur with ease. 

Remove Loose Hair Quickly & Painlessly

The secret to a clean pet is a quick cleanup. This ergonomic design features an attachment that directs hair from your pet's undercoat, shortening grooming time by up to 50 percent while effectively removing more hair than other brushes.

 Enjoy quality time with your dog or cat by being able to groom them yourself in the comfort of your own home - without extra trips to the groomer or expensive self-grooming treatments.

The gentle rubber tips help you brush through your pet's coat without causing any pain on their skin. The brush's design allows for easy brushing in any direction. 

Our Guarantee

Try the PUMP™ Pet Grooming Brush on a 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee! We stand by our revolutionary grooming brush and we are very confident you and your pet will enjoy it.